hank you for your interest in my articles! 

This website, my storehouse of articles, rose out of my own frustration. Years ago as a young Christian, during times of difficulty and discouragement, I would scour the internet for helpful biblical wisdom. At times I found it, at times I did not. What I did find was often not extensive and nuanced enough to penetrate my struggle with new dimensions of truth.

But the Lord loves to convert painful frustration into purposeful activation. The idea was born. I began writing articles that were more than just devotional snacks. Articles profound enough to arrest the soul with illuminative diamonds from Heaven, and, assorted enough to address an unusual breadth of topics, and, all in one place. Over ten years later, I have compiled quite a storehouse! I want you, my sibling in Christ, to have abundant cud for times of plenty and times of want.

If I'm speaking at a city near you, come hang out! I would enjoy meeting you and sharing a good laugh. Send me a note through the Contact page, I respond personally as much as time and email volume allow.

Jesus is Lord! Surrender to Him today and enjoy a life only He can create.



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